Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) insurance

One of our specialist areas is providing insurance for Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV). Whether you have one truck or a fleet, we can provide a tailored truck insurance policy to meet your needs.

As a leading broker in truck insurance, we deal with most insurers. We have also developed exclusive products with large insurers, such as aggregate excess, burning cost and funding. We can therefore provide the insurance you need to keep your trucks on the road for maximum time.

Flexible insurance solutions for transport companies and truck operators:

  • Comprehensive truck insurance
  • Comprehensive trailer insurance
  • Comprehensive bus insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Loss of use insurance
  • Accidental damage excess buy downs
  • Theft/hijack excess buy downs
  • Accidental damage excess buy downs
  • Windscreen insurance
  • Motor third party liability
  • Passenger liability
  • Crisis management – SOS International

Enjoy cost effective rates

We negotiate with our underwriters to provide attractive truck insurance quotes and Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance quotes, many of which are exclusive rates that are not available elsewhere in the market. In addition to affordable premiums, we also arrange affordable excesses.

While we obtain excellent rates, it’s important to know the factors that affect the cost of truck insurance premiums. These include:

  • the level of cover you select. Third party is cheaper than comprehensive cover, but your risk is increased.
  • the drivers covered. A truck policy for an owner driver is cheaper than a policy in a company name with several regular drivers.
  • The age of your drivers. Drivers are under age 25 may increase your premium and/or you may need to agree to a greater excess.
  • How many vehicles you want to insure. HCV truck insurance covers one to 100 trucks. If your fleet exceeds 100, we can offer you an excellent rate on Fleet Insurance.

What is HCV insurance?

Truck insurance or HCV insurance follows the same principles of other motor policies but applies to commercial vehicles that weigh between 3 and 44 tonnes. This includes truck tractors, rigid trucks, tipper trucks, dump trucks and any type of trailer.

To be eligible to drive a Heavy Commercial Vehicle under the terms of your policy, you will need an appropriate HCV licence. Furthermore, drivers should have held a South African or other African country’s driver’s licence for at least two years. A professional driving permit or PDP is also required.

While cover applies in South Africa, if you need cross border cover with unlimited mileage, we can extend the territorial limits on our policies to include countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, DRC.

Other insurance to consider

We also recommend truck insurance policyholders to consider Goods In Transit insurance and Public Liability insurance. Other policies to consider are Excess Reducers, Loss of Use insurance and Motor Breakdown. If required, you can also take a policy that covers you for Haulage of your own or clients’ goods.

How soon can you get cover?

Cover is immediate, and we can issue an immediate cover note if necessary. Truck insurance documents are issued within two working days.

No-claims discounts

If you are taking an HCV policy for the first time, you can benefit from the introductory discounts we negotiate with many of our insurance partners. Thereafter, if you do not submit a claim, your no-claims bonus will earn a discount on your policy. If your drivers are experienced and have no claims history on previous insurance policies, you may also qualify for further discounts.

In addition to standard HCV cover, the product can also extend to:

  • Third party liability
  • Contingent liability
  • Parking facilities & movement of third
  • Party vehicles
  • Unauthorised passenger liability
  • Environment impairment liability
  • Mechanical breakdown towing & towing cost
  • Wreckage removal
  • Fire extinguishing cost
  • Cross border towing
  • Medical cost of driver & passengers
  • Loss of keys
  • Transit cover
  • Own damage excess reducer
  • Theft or hijack excess reducer
  • Loss of use
  • Credit shortfall
  • Third party excess reducer
  • Transit own damage excess reducer
  • Transit theft or hijack excess reducer

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