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Healthcare is vital to your wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to provide medical cover for your staff or family, our specialist healthcare financial planners can help you. We present the best and most cost-effective solutions to suit your current circumstances and needs. These are health insurance, medical aid and gap cover.

We have partnerships with top medical aid, medical insurance and gap cover providers. This, coupled with the expertise of our qualified and experienced advisors, ensures your healthcare is in the best hands. We can advise you on the most suitable healthcare options for your needs. Knowing that you can afford healthcare when you need it most, you can enjoy peace of mind . Get in touch today – because no amount of wealth can replace good health!


Why medical insurance and healthcare cover is essential

Healthcare costs rise each year, and the increase often exceeds inflation. With a medical aid or medical insurance, as well as gap cover, you’ll be better able to afford medical costs. In addition, people who have medical insurance or medical aid are more likely to look after their health and therefore have better outcomes. Isn’t this what you would want for yourself, your family and your employees? We’ll present options ranging from day-to-day benefits to hospital cover and chronic medicine cover. You choose what is most appropriate for your needs and your pocket.

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